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Two Bob's, four hands, twenty fingers, 100 years of boogie. Two phenomenal performers have combined their talents to perform extraordinary jazz, blues, boogie, stride and rock. Bob Seeley and Bob Baldori are both living connections to a musical heritage that is the backbone of American music.


Concerts & Tickets

Boogie Stomp! Live - A Fundraiser for the MSU Community Music School, Sunday, October 13, 2013 3-5 pm, location: Performance Hall 4930 S. Hagadorn Rd., East Lansing, MI. Featuring "Boogie" Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza. To purchase tickets visit or call 517-355-7661. Box Office Opens at 2pm on day of the event. Tickets $20 General Admission, $8 Student, $50 VIP Reserved Seating includes Afterglow after the performance.

December 6, 2013 - Boogie Bob will join Arthur Migliazza and Martin Schmidt at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow.

Watch for future dates!

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STU FRANKE Review - Boogie Bobs play the Gem Theatre Detroit

May 2nd & 3rd
Beuvron Boogie Festival in Normandy, France.

March 23, 2009
Moscow Times Bob Baldori & Martin Schmitt Tour Russia - Read the Review here.

January 21, 2008
MLK Jr Day - Today we went live with a new homepage design here on the web site. We hope you all enjoy it. There is also a new video player further down the home page where you can listen to, and watch, some selected performances by Seeley & Baldori. Give it a play whenever you want some smooth keyboard. :)

Check out the launch of our Brand New Film Documentary Site with information on the documentary including video previews and pictures

[On YouTube] William & Maeva Dancin' The Boogie Woogie

6th Ave Express played on Radio ZRO Belgium

New Boogie Woogie Piano Videos just posted.
[On YouTube] Seeley and Baldori - "Shake That Boogie" (Live @ Creole Gallery)
[On YouTube] Seeley & Baldori - "Okemos Breakdown" (Live @ Boarshead Theatre)

6-30-2007 announces the opening of a new web forum dedicated to all things Boogie Woogie! Check it out at: We will be posting news, questions, answers and updates to our various boogie projects. We will also be responding to any questions you may have. Let us know what you think.

[On YouTube] New Seeley & Baldori Boogie Woogie videos!
Boogie Rocks and Promo video

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Bob Seeley | Bob Baldori
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Top Photo by Paul Potts

"When Bob played it changed my life. I had never heard anything like he was playing. I went bananas. I was crazy for it. I felt something change in me chemically. It ruined me. I flunked out of college, quit my job, and started learning how to play boogie-woogie piano..."

Both Bob's play a relentless keyboard in the truest sense of jazz playing — Infectious rhythm and dizzying improvisation. Both have unparalleled credentials in the genre.

Bob Seeley spent his formative years playing with Meade Lux Lewis and other jazz greats in the 1950s and early 60s. Over the years Seeley has become known as the best boogie woogie and stride player in the world.

"Boogie" Bob Baldori has been playing piano and harmonica with Chuck Berry since 1967. In addition to fronting his own group he has spent years playing blues, boogie and backbeat rock and roll in Chicago and Detroit.

Together, their styles are at the crossroads of American music.

The relationship started when they met at a tribute to Chuck Berry's original piano player, Johnny Johnson. They started working together soon after Baldori sat in at Seeley's regular gig at Charley's Crab in Detroit. A mutual interest in the "two piano" boogie style of Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons led them to work out some of the original four hand classics. They also discovered a repertoire of mutually familiar blues, boogie and jazz tunes that Baldori could double on harmonica. From there it was a short step to creating original pieces for their live show.

Between them, they have an encyclopedic repertoire of jazz, boogie, stride, blues and backbeat rock and roll.

Since starting to work together, the duo has been recognized internationally as the world’s premier performers of American piano music. From Chicago to Moscow, the two Bob’s have been thrilling audiences at venues like the Chicago Jazz Festival, Birdland in NYC, Moscow’s International House of Music, The Glenn Gould Theater in Toronto and similar venues.

They continue to expand their range and their audiences as they pursue their mission to bring back “America’s forgotten music” - the foundation of modern jazz and American pop music.


Boogie Stomp! is a documentary film, currently in production, that will tell the story of boogie woogie, its origins, subsequent history and ongoing development. Boogie Stomp! will also tell the story of the amazing Bob Seeley. His encyclopedic repertoire and exuberant delivery are unparalleled among contemporary players.

There is a dedicated web site for the Documentary Film and the related Stage Play at:


Available from Spirit Records.

Seeley & Baldori Boogie Stomp! Cover Image In the late '30s and throughout the '40s the world of jazz and popular music was dominated by the big three - Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons, and Meade Lux Lewis. Their style was called Boogie Woogie, but their playing covered a wider range, including jazz, blues, swing, stride, ragtime, barrelhouse, and the roots of rock and roll. Not since then has anyone come close to delivering the excitement, spontaneity and magic of the originals — until now. With this recording, Seeley And Baldori demonstrate the spirit of Ammons, Johnson, and Lewis is alive and well, and in good hands.
(Photo by Paul Potts)

Track List:
1. Boogie Stomp! ( 4:45 )
2.  Foot Pedal Boogie ( 3:36 )
3.  Honky Tonk Train ( 4:07 ) Live at the Creole Gallery
4.  6th Avenue Express ( 3:00 )
5.  The Fives ( 3:21 )
6.  St. Louis Blues ( 6:07 ) Seeley Solo
7.  Hyper Inflation Boogie ( 1:35 ) Baldori Solo
8.  Suitcase Blues ( 4:24 ) Live at the Creole Gallery
9.  Okemos Breakdown ( 5:56 )
10. Hot Kelly ( 2:02 ) Baldori Solo
11. Amazing Grace ( 5:51 ) Seeley Solo
12. Boogie Rocks ( 3:43 )

To purchase, visit Spirit Records.

Selecting the "Play" button will play all of the Seeley & Baldori video available on the YouTube service. It's great for listening to while eating lunch, or whenever...

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New Original Acrylic Paintings (16"x20") by Kelly Boyle. Inspired by the Boogie Woogie of Seeley and Baldori. Check it out here at

"Every year, our Piano Showdown concerts have been among the first to sell out. Crowds clamor for the Boogie Woogie wizardry of icon Bob Seeley, thrilled by his roaring piano duets with Boogie Bob Baldori. The two are masterful entertainers." — Rob Gibson Executive & Artistic Director Savannah Music Festival

Terry Waldo reviews Seeley & Baldori
"Bob Seeley and Bob Baldori are currently performing the most authentic and crowd-pleasing show of Boogie Woogie and Rhythm and Blues that can be seen anywhere in the world. This is truly an amazing show that provides a unique historical and entertaining overview of the hot, Blues-based music that is at the heart of Rock & Roll and Jazz, but more importantly this is the real stuff — "killer" performances of the classics. These guys are the masters." — Terry Waldo (Terry is considered one of America's premier performers and presenters of Ragtime and Early Jazz.)

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Chris Rietz reviews the Seeley & Baldori CD Boogie Stomp! in Lansing State Journal's What's On

[On YouTube] New Seeley & Baldori video! Honky Tonk Train live from the Creole Gallery.

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